Fixing A Kicked In Door Fast And Cheap

First we need to determine the level of quality we are looking for, you see not all doors deserve to be fixed the same. What Im dealing with is the door that repeatedly gets abused, not the Taj Mahal or some upper end neighborhood castle. The type of door that when the owner/tenant looses his keys the first thing he/she thinks is bust it down not get a locksmith, the type where the neighborhood bad boy will be back as soon as you fix it and do it again. Most likely the jamb by the strike or latch is splintered and the door itself is split allowing the deadbolt and latch to fall out, but the hinge jambs are still holding. First thing, look down on the floor and pick up every single piece of wood or debris you find, if some pieces (big ones) are missing look farther away, they have to be there somewhere. Now remove all the hardware (no not the hinges Einstein) and set all your treasures in a safe place. Starting with the door, give it a squeeze and see how close it comes to closing up, you will probably need to remove and/or rearrange some damaged pieces, sometimes it helps to pry it apart a little with a screwdriver to pick out misaligned parts. Keep trying to squeeze it shut until your satisfied it comes together properly. By now you should have either a couple screw wood clamps or the newer plastic ratchet clamps. Use the clamps but dont think they will compensate for misaligned splinters. Once youre sure it will pull together go to your debris pile and see if any missing pieces can be fitted in where they belong. Ok your all set, now get out your best thick bodied premium waterproof woodworking glue, this stuff is expensive, dont use white paper glue. Take your clamps off and spread the damaged area apart enough to squeeze glue everywhere, you may have to spread the door apart with a screwdriver while you slop in the glue. Use a skinny popsicle stick to shove it in the back, but get it all over, yes your making a mess, you shouldve already put down a drop cloth if the house deserves it. Dont forget to fit in your pieces that you saved from your debris splinter pile. Now using your hands squeeze it together, if it feels good continue, if not pull the mess apart and realign what ever is hanging up. Next using a wet rag, clean up your hands and all the drips, including all over the ground. You dont want to be tracking glue all over. At this point decide to clamp it for a few hours or use screws. For screws first clamp the door all over the damaged area, squeeze it to the original thickness. Next using long drywall screws carefully screw it together. You will need to counter sink the heads (I use an oversize drill bit turning backwards) just below the surface or just flush if the house is that quality, but you must countersink because the tapered screw shanks will tend to split your work. As you place screws you will move the clamps around. Be thoughtful, dont place screws where the lock hardware goes. By now you will need to clean up again, the screws should have forced glue out. If you decide to just use clamps, be careful you dont glue the clamps to your work, use wax paper as a separator. If you only have a few clamps try using a strip of 1×4 or even plywood to spread the pressure. Next step, you can use patch n paint spackle for a truly cheap fix, fill in your counter sunk screw heads and any small voids in the wood, hit it with your hairdryer and in a few minutes you can be painting your repaired door. As an alternative, for a strong repair or when you have deep areas of missing wood, use auto body repair putty (Bondo) instead of spackle. Bondo sets up in a few minutes and is as strong as the wood. You can rasp it, sand it, drill and paint it. Next lets work on the jamb, most likely you would be working both areas at the same time anyway. In many door kick ins the jamb really takes the brunt of the damage and lots of times big chunks of wood are missing in action. No problem, use exactly the same techniques Ive described. Heres some more helpful tips. Consider sawing out and replacing part of the jamb with new wood (say a 1 by by 10 piece) but try not to cut all the way through a jamb board as this hinders alignment a lot. I frequently will use four inch drywall screws to bring a damaged jamb back to life. If you are using lots of body filler, build it up in lifts rather than one huge goo job. When filling a large void the filler will sag and drip while you helplessly watch and keep pushing it back up hill. Try placing a row or two of screws so the heads are just below the finished surface, this will help the sagging and will also make sure your filler is firmly anchored to the jamb. Once again pay attention to your lock placement before sticking screws any old place. Another trick you can do is temporarily attach a board along your jamb to act as a form, just be sure to pull it off before the body filler totally sets. You can put in the time and have a perfect finish like an auto body shop does or finish off small voids and imperfections with patch n paint spackle followed by paint and a hair dryer, its your choice. Using these techniques you should be able to have a finished job in two hours for under $20 in materials. Did you know you can reverse the door and have a fresh new edge to splinter. John 2010

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Furnishing my first property in Cyprus. How hard can it be

After years of holidaying in Cyprus, enjoying the long hot days, beautiful scenery and refreshing sea breezes I longed to own an apartment in one of the developments overlooking the coast. When the opportunity finally came I was so excited, in fact I jumped at it, my heart ruled my head and I all I could think about was owning my own property in Cyprus.

All was well until I took possession of the apartment. I had not given any thought to furnishing the property at all. I remember thinking in the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson -How hard can it be?-

Actually I should rephrase that question to; How hard can it be to find stylish, good quality furniture at a reasonable price in Cyprus?

Fish Aquarium Supplies And Aquarium For Indian Hobbyists

A fish aquarium not only serves to your desire for having exotic and beautiful pets but is also often a wonderful decorative element in your home interior. Just like the birds, fishes, especially aquarium fishes in captivity are also extremely delicate and you must acquire different types of high quality fish pet supplies for the purpose. Shopping at an online pet store can make things easier both for novice and experiences hobbyists. Until a couple of years ago, they were required to hop from one shop to another looking for new arrivals of colorful fishes in attractive shapes and also for fish aquarium supplies. Now there job has been made a lot easier as all aquarium supplies, as well as livestock and accessories like pumps, filters and fountains are available online and aquarium enthusiasts can always buy them against attractive prices right from their home.

One major reason is that forcing a growing number of people to shop fish tank supplies online is better availability. Your local pet shop can seldom offer you exactly the fishes you were looking for as it is really difficult for them to maintain a huge stock. Even if you order from them, they will invariably take a lot time to procure them and will also charge you more realizing your urge for having them. But this is never going to be a problem with fish supplies online for storage is never a problem with them and even if something is not available, they can also get it from other stores once they receive your order and also deliver in no time without any extra charge. They also have a very good collection of tropical fish supplies available with them.

Depending upon the size of your aquarium, there are many different kinds of aquarium fish food and aquarium supplies available online. Every time you buy fish food online keep in mind that food and habitation requirements for different fishes are different and you can never keep saline water fishes in the same aquarium with the sweet water fishes. If you are having both of them in your collection you need to have separate tanks for one can never survive with the other. If you are having separate albums for tropical fishes or saline water fishes, always make sure you buy separate online fish food for them. Apart from different types of fishes and their food, many other types of aquarium items like live corals and saltwater invertebrates are also available with them.

Londons Dirtiest Buildings

An energy survey that carried out recently on several public buildings in and around London shows that Buckingham Palace is the least energy efficient of them all. The palace which was built in 1820 and was first ever occupied by Queen Victoria received the worst possible green score of 0 out of 10 when a team of energy surveyors carried out a survey of the palace following Januarys big freeze.

The surveyors was carried out by using thermal image testing to find out where the building was leaking energy. However, despite these tests being carried out in total darkness, the palace still lit up due to the amount of heat that was escaping from the building. The major culprits for this big loss of energy were the windows, the roof and even cracks in the wall. According to the surveying team, it appears that Buckingham Palace is better at heating the air outside than inside.

Furthermore, the latest Royal Household Financial Report that was carried out in 2008 showed that 5.9 million were spent on running Buckingham Palace, of which 2.2 million were spent on utility bills. However, according to the energy saving expert Ivan Lucas, the construction of Buckingham Palace does not lend itself to easily turning it into an eco-home.

Tools Of The Energy Auditors Trade

Home energy auditors use tools that measure pressure and leakage from homes and their energy systems. Aside from traditional contracting tools, auditors make use of blower doors, manometers, infrared cameras, combustion analyzers, gas sniffers, and smoke pencils/machines.

The Blower Door

The blower door is the loudest and largest weapon in the energy auditor’s arsenal. It’s name is a great description of what it does. A metal frame fits in a family’s doorway. This frame is connected to an airtight seal that covers the entire door area, except for a small hole. Within that hole sits a fan that blows air into the house.